Bad credit mortgages for people struggling to buy a house

10th August 2010

The once large number of lenders who have been providing remortgages and mortgages for people with bad credit, is decreasing. This is arguably because sub-prime lending had been the centre of blame for the recent economic downturn, though nobody can say for sure whether it was the most defining factor.

There are now just a handful of creditors who will assist people with, defaults, mortgage arrears, who are discharged bankrupts, who have CCJs - or just individuals who have a poor credit score or bad rating.

The adverse industry of sub-prime and bad credit mortgages, as well as bad credit loans has certainly come out of the shadows in recent years. Just ten years ago, sub-prime lending was a byword for unscrupulous brokers who had been charging incredibly high fees, and for creditors who were roping people into contracts with massive interest rates.

Until relatively recently, there had been a much broader product range amongst these kinds of mortgages, where these services were once competitively priced. They were also less punitive, and in terms of deals, were usually much more innovative.

The last 12 months the market has seen a significant fall in the amount of people with poor credit ratings being given these mortgages, and creditors have become increasingly wary about lending to those who have a rather bad credit history.

Unfortunately, if you have a poor credit rating, you are faced with some problems. Suddenly there are so few options compared to those who have good credit rating. You will no doubt be subject to higher interest rates, and over all, purchasing a house becomes more of a struggle in terms of finding finance, as opposed to paying for it (which is no doubt the biggest concern of people who have open access to mortgage services).

If you have a poor credit rating, it can be a deflating experience that simply lowers morale, and makes you feel like there are no options for you. But you must remember that there are deals out there for you. Many deals from numerous companies, who are offering their services for people who have any kind of rating.

It must be said, however, that the firms that still offer their services to people with bad credit rating, often charge higher prices in order to make up for the risk they take in lending to people who may not be able to pay the money they borrowed back to them.

These specialist lenders will offer you a higher interest rate than a conventional deal, with no doubt a higher than usual deposit. But once you’ve passed this milestone, you have obtained the position you have been desiring - to be simply be in the position to be able to apply for a mortgage. Once you have overcome the task of saving for a deposit, you will be on your way to buying your very own house.

Just remember - if you have a bad credit rating, and it’s not your fault, these specialist firms will understand. That’s what they’re there for. These firms are here to help you out, and allow people like you the opportunities that everybody else have access to.

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