What is the process for getting a logbook loan?

25th October 2010

If you are looking to acquire a logbook loan, the main thing which you need to do is to begin the application process. There are a number of different pieces of advice, but as long as you follow the correct procedures, you should find that you successfully complete your logbook loan without incident. Going with a well-known logbook lender which has multiple branches can also be worthwhile to you, as this article explains.

When you are applying for logbook loans, there are a couple of details which you need to provide provisionally before you can advance further to get the money you need. First and foremost, you need to provide a lender with all of your contact details – including where you live, the email address that information about your financial agreement can be sent to, mobile phone numbers so you can be contacted throughout the process, as well as details about the car which you would be using throughout the logbook loan process.

Even though there are no requests sent to credit referencing agencies for information a lot of the time, you should expect a representative from the logbook loan company to call you. The primary reasons for this are because questions need to be asked regarding the ownership of your car, as well as the financial status of the car, and any financial commitments related to it that you might have outstanding.

The next step is for a logbook loan representative to verify all of the details which you have provided so far to make sure that they are correct. From there, they will also go through a series of questions to ensure that you are eligible for a logbook loan, and that you understand the implications of the commitment which you are making.

Once everything appears to be in order, there usually needs to be a personal meet-up with the logbook loan representative that you were talking to on the phone. There are many reasons for this, and primarily the company you are lending the money from will want to see the car and verify that all of the documentation you have provided is correct. Normally, this type of process can be completed at an appointment which suits you, so you can get your money relatively quickly.

After this confirmation has taken place, you have signed an agreement and you have provided your logbook to the loan company you have chosen, you can be given the money in numerous ways. The advantageous thing about logbook loans is that you are not questioned about why you might require a loan. In addition, you can continue to drive your car as normal until you have fully repaid the loan, when your logbook will be given back to you.

The process can be very simple and, as long as you go with a logbook loan provider that is in your locality, you should find the entire process fast, as well as incredibly convenient.

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